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Switchview™ Levers

We're proud to introduce our latest Switchview, the MGM Eagle Eye Switchview Universal Speedlever. Tirelessly engineered and developed to strictest MGM demands, the Eagle Eye Switchview functions exactly the same as the alloy model except is injection molded of a polymer, especially developed for the MGM Eagle Eye Switchview. Designed to fit any scope, perform reliably and enhance your shooting experience, all at a very economical price.

Check out our NEW Ball & Socket Design!! Currently available on some and we're rolling it out to all models. The MGM Switchview™ lever: A small, lightweight and very cool accessory for variable power scopes. Precisely engineered and CNC machined from anodized 6061/T6 aluminum, it simply clamps around the power adjustment ring of variable power scopes., the Switchview™ enables quick and easy adjustment of the scope's power setting with just a light push or pull of the lever while maintaining natural hand, arm and firing position. Your MGM Switchview™ lever will provide unforeseen control of your sight picture which you’ll wonder how you ever did without. Speed and ease of magnification you’ll love. - Sort of like life after microwave ovens or cell phones…


Switchview™ website navigation

Navigation of mgmswitchview.com/ is simple. The first step makes it even easier. Jump to our 'Scope compatibility' link to find your scope, click on the scope name and you're there. Add how many you need to the shopping cart and hit check out.


If you don't see your scope listed on the 'Scope compatibility' page, - our Switchview information may not specifically reference your scope, we may still have one for it. If you'll measure your scope's magnification ring with a set of calipers or wrap a piece of string snugly around the adjustment ring, mark it at the full circumference, then measure the string's length and as you know by dividing that measurement by Pi (3.1416), we can determine the diameter and the best possible Switchview fit.  Feel free to call us at 888-767-7371 extension 110.


Switchview™ Installation

Installation of a Switchview™ requires a minimum amount of clearance between the scope body and the nearest object for proper operation. If you have super low rings this may be an issue. We have included the clearance specification in the individual product listing. Please measure carefully before ordering. The Switchview™ lever come standard in Flat Black. A silver model as shown in some of our pictures is a prototype model and may differ slightly from the production lever.


Switchview™ Development

MGM Switchview™ levers undergo continuous refinement often directed by input from shooters like you. The photos are not always the most current version shipping, so if you have any concerns about the Switchview™ lever you are interested in, please don't hesitate to contact us. Also, if you have a photo of your Switchvew™ mounted up, email it to us along with the details of model and the set up you’re running and we might add it to the website! Email to travisg@switchviewusa.com


Upcoming Products
These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
(Pre-Order Only) 1930-1970 DSFD Switchview 12/05/2018
(Pre-Order Only) 1819-1870 DSFD Switchview 12/05/2018
(Pre-Order Only) 177-181 DSFD Switchview 12/05/2018
(Pre-Order Only) 1720-1762 DSFD Switchview 12/05/2018
(Pre-Order Only) 1650-1720 DSFD Switchview 12/05/2018
(Pre-Order Only) 1600-1650 DSFD Switchview 12/05/2018
(Pre-Order Only) 1490-1556 DSFD Switchview 12/05/2018
(Pre-Order Only) 1290-1360 DSFD Switchview 12/05/2018
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